Invitation to Dialogue: Historical and/or Spiritual Resurrection

[I apologize for posting this twice. I had a typo to correct and ended up needing to repost]
A friend asked me a great theological question during Lent about Biblical literalism, specifically about those who question the historical validity of Biblical events like the resurrection of Jesus. My last post, “Going with the Easter Tide,” was a challenge to continue living as resurrection people after the big Easter Parade and celebration is over. One question I raised in that post was, “Do we struggle with the resurrection because it defies all scientific and logical experience we’ve had with death?”

In pondering that question and others about what practical actions Christian Disciples can take to keep the spirit of resurrection alive in the season of Eastertide, I’ve decided to ask for your feedback and ideas. Blogs have the potential of being interactive; so I’m inviting comments and suggestions from your experience.

What do you personally or in your faith community do in the “post Easter season” to demonstrate to
the world that Jesus is the living Christ and not just a great heroic martyr? How do you celebrate the season of Eastertide? What does being a child of resurrection look like or should it look like for 21st century Christians?

One thought I’ve had that I’d also like reactions to is this: As I wrestle with the question of what really happened 2000 years ago in that tomb I am more convinced than ever that the historical, factual answer to that question is less important than the spiritual one. In other words, I believe that trusting in the power of resurrection right now is more important than what we believe about the historical resurrection of Jesus. We cannot ever know for sure the answer to the latter, but we cannot live fully in our broken world today without the former.

How do you respond to that? Heresy? Helpful? Please join the dialogue and leave a comment to share your insights and experience.

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