Advent Drama: Mary’s journey from fear to faith

Note: This is the second of a series of brief dramas for lighting the candles of Advent written for Jerome UMC.

Interviewer:     On this second Sunday of Advent we continue our journey toward Christmas.  Last Sunday we heard about Zechariah’s transition from doubt to hope, and we lit the first Advent candle representing Hope.  [he/she lights the candle]

Today we turn our attention to Faith, and our guest from biblical times is a woman of tremendous Faith, Mary the mother of Jesus.

[Mary enters in biblical costume]

Interviewer:     Welcome Mary.  Please share with us how you felt when you first learned you were to be the mother of God’s Son.

Mary:   I was totally shocked when an angel showed up out of nowhere and told me I was to be the mother of the Messiah!  Me!  A poor young woman engaged to a carpenter.  Why would God choose us to raise his son?  I was scared to death!

Interviewer:     So you and Joseph were engaged but not married yet?

Mary:   That’s right, and you can’t imagine what my family and the townspeople would say about that.  And what could I tell Joseph?  He’d never believe God was the father of my baby!  Nobody would.   Joseph would assume I had been unfaithful to him.  That was considered adultery, and the punishment for that was death by stoning!  I was really scared!

Interviewer:     I can’t imagine how terrified you must have been.  How did you ever handle it?

Mary:   It was really strange.  The angel told me that God was with me.  He said, “Nothing is impossible with God,” and being a devout Jewish girl, I knew this was true.  My faith came over me and calmed my fear.  I suddenly just knew that I could trust God completely.  And from a place deep inside me I said, “I am the Lord’s servant.  May it be to me as you have said.”

Interviewer:     All of us are called to be such faithful servants who know that with God all things are possible.  [Mary lights candle as Interviewer speaks]  As we light the second Candle of Advent may it light the way on our journey from fear to faith.

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