Messengers of Joy

[Note:  This is the 3rd in a series of Advent Dramas for lighting the candles of Advent at Jerome United Methodist  Church this Advent.]

Interviewer:    Good morning, church, and welcome to the 3rd Sunday of Advent.  Our Advent journey is moving closer to Bethlehem.  The spirit of Christmas is in the air, and today our Advent guest is one of the messengers of God’s joy to the world.

[Angel enters to some kind of musical fanfare (“Angels We Have Heard on High”).  Angel is  dressed in contemporary clothes and looks like any typical member of the congregation.]

[Interviewer looks around for someone else, looking very confused and surprised]

Angel:    Peace and joy to you my friend.  You look surprised to see me.  [She checks a date book or map]  This is Jerome UMC isn’t it?  That’s where I’m supposed to be today.

Interviewer:     Yes, it is, but … I was expecting an angel……  And, well, I’m sorry, but you don’t look like an angel.

Angel:    I get that a lot.  We try to fit in, you know, so people don’t freak out.  It makes it a lot easier to get our message heard if people aren’t in shock.

Interviewer:    That makes sense.  I hadn’t thought about it that way.  So, tell us about the message the angels delivered that first Christmas.  Angels show up quiet often in that story.

Angel:    We really do, don’t we!   First Gabriel appeared to Zechariah in the temple to tell him that his prayers for a son had been heard and would be answered.  And then Gabe was back again 6 months later to tell Mary that God was with her in a very special way.  And that dear girl responded with such amazing faith and became the mother of God’s Messiah.

Interviewer:    It must be wonderful to bring such messages of joy to people.

Angel:    Oh, it’s incredible fun, but there’s more.  Angels spoke to Joseph several times in his dreams.  We really carried him through that whole process.

Interviewer:    So do angels always work so quietly, behind the scenes?

Angel:    Oh, Heavens No!  At Bethlehem we all turned out in full force to deliver our biggest message of all.  We told the shepherds where to find the newborn king and broadcast good news to the entire world.

Interviewer:    Wow.  So as we anticipate that marvelous event in just two weeks, would you help me light the candle of  joy?

Angel:    I would love to.

Interviewer:    Joy to the World, the Savior Reigns!

[They light the candle together and exit the stage as congregation sings “Angels We Have Heard on High” or “Hark! the Herald Angels Sing”]

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