We are having an epidemic of detours and road closures in our neighborhood this summer. Orange barrels and detour signs are growing faster than the weeds in the garden. It’s easy to complain about the inconveniences but the detours also are a great metaphor for all the obstacles we encounter on the way to our goals. We can go victim and give up when those obstacles occur, or we can accept the challenge to get creative and find another way to get where we want to go. Sometimes those roadblocks are built of anger or pain that keep us from reaching out for the help we need. Two of the major roads leading to our church are closed this summer, just like some of our normal avenues to God seem to quit working just when we need God most. But there are always multiple ways to get to any destination if we are determined and willing to ask for directions. So, to my Jerome church family, don’t let the detours keep you from church, and to all of us, don’t let the roadblocks in life keep us from being all we can be.

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