Preacher’s Saturday Prayer

O God why must you work in such mysterious ways?   Couldn’t you just give me a message straight without so much work?  Your spirit came through again today as always, but couldn’t you have done that two or three days ago!  Why do I have to worry and wrestle with your Word like Jacob to find a 10 minute sermon?  Yes, the process is good for me, but I’m already limping from way too many years of sweating Saturday sermon preparation.  I do believe, Lord, honest I do.  I’ve literally experienced this miraculous process hundreds of times, but I’m old and tired and it’s harder work than it used to be.  Is that because I am afraid that I don’t have many more times to get this right?  Preaching is an awesome and awful privilege.  How can I dare to get up and presume to speak for you?  Yes, I know John Wesley said, “Preach faith till you have it.”  That’s why I’m still at it.  And this time, really “Let the words of my mouth be truly acceptable in your sight,” for I couldn’t do this if you were not my rock and redeemer.  Amen

One thought on “Preacher’s Saturday Prayer

  1. Appreciate your prayer, Steve. I saw myself “time travel” back to sitting at my kitchen table on Saturdays with my laptop, working on sermons, while I served Maple Street UMC. I could have used this prayer then (and sometimes prayed something like this, just not so eloquently stated)! I take it you are preaching tomorrow? Rev. Lou Buckalew used to pray aloud in the sanctuary before everyt sermon, “May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all of our hearts be acceptable to you, O Lord, our Rock and our Redeemer.” I liked the “all of our hearts”–thought that it did a good job of reminding us (the congregation) that we have a piece in this, too: receiving the words of the pastor graciously and openly. All the best to you.

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