Prayer for Sanctuary

[This is a prayer I wrote for last Sunday’s worship, but it’s been such a hectic week I’m just now getting around to posting it.]
Our Creator God, in your wisdom you have given us the gift of the Sabbath as a refuge from the cares and worries of the world around us. On this Lord’s Day, after another week full of heartbreaking disasters in Puerto Rico and Mexico and all the other places we don’t even know about we admit our faith is a little shaken. It feels like the very foundations of life as we know it are under threat, and those don’t even include the “normal” challenges of grief, illness, broken relationships and the whole host of demons that go with this thing we call life.

Be our sanctuary, Lord, a haven of rest where we know we can ask your guidance and blessing for ourselves and the future of our world and your kingdom. Remind us that throughout history your children have often felt lost and forsaken. Predictions of the end times come in every generation, and yet through it all those who stay the course and follow Jesus come through to a better day.

Again this Sunday we are reminded that it was on this first day of the week that Christ conquered once and for all the grim threat of death. In his resurrected and living name we pray that we can all be worthy guides and witnesses to others who will see in us lives of integrity and faith.

Remind us that this is indeed the day that you have made, a time of re-creation and renewal for those who live in God’s presence. As you breathed life into humankind at creation, we pray for new life and hope for the living of this day and every day.

We ask for release from the sins that hold us captive to our past, release from grievances and anger that only divine forgiveness can heal. Grant us wisdom and courage for the living of these days; challenge us again this day O God to examine our hearts – to renew our commitments to love you with all our hearts and minds and to love our neighbors and ourselves.

And may we always know that your sanctuary is always as near to us simply pausing to pray. Let us feel the power of your Holy Spirit around us now as we come to you in a moment of silent prayer to share whatever is on each of our hearts.


Lead us O God, walk with us that we may be faithful followers of Christ our Lord and Savior, in whose name we offer our prayers, and this prayer, which he taught us to pray…..

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