Socially Responsible Holiday Gifts

In the interest of celebrating the holidays in ways that are more in keeping with the reason for the season
 I want to share the following resource from Sojourners.  This social justice organization says:

If you're like us, you're a generous person who wants to engage the world around you. 
Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and you're searching for gifts that will have an impact, 
not just pile up under the tree.
But where do we find socially responsible gifts? Is there a list that we can check
Sojourners decided to create a solution to this. We call it the Just Giving Guide
The Guide is an email program where you can get the "Just Deal of the Day" delivered straight to your inbox.
Every day until December 31, you'll receive a daily email from us featuring one of our partner
organizations. These include non-profits, fair trade shops, environmentally friendly products, and
Christian publishers.
As a bonus for registering, you'll receive 20% off at our SojoStore!
Sign up now

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