My Book on Amazon & Barnes & Noble

My book, Building Peace from the Inside Out is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble, in addition to 

Building Peace from the Inside Out  is not a book that tells about peace.  It is a collection of inspirational plays and stories that show by positive and negative example what peace looks and feels like. The characters in this book wrestle with common challenges of the human condition: ageism, materialism, insecurity and self-centeredness. They illustrate the destructive results of fear, anger, hate, prejudice, a lack of vision and integrity. 

On the positive side of the ledger, there are also characters who embody and live out values that lead to peace. They demonstrate that peace requires openness to surprise and how compassion is critical to any hope for peace and justice. Through narrative, we see how the “have-nots” can teach the “haves” what brings real peace in our lives—integrity, courage, and forgiveness.  The power of having a vision and the courage to trust and follow one’s purpose also show up repeatedly on these journeys to peace.  

A portion of all proceeds from this book will be donated to three peacemaking organizations:

Habitat for Humanity

C. Everett and Mary Tilson Fund for Social Justice Ministries, Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Tariq Khamisa Foundation, an education program to end youth violence


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